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my Chrysalis Medi-spa and Salon Services

Facials, Medical Aesthetics and Anti-aging Treatments

Whether you're in the mood for a little self-indulgence or have a troublesome skin condition, we offer a range of the worldís best facial treatments and body wraps. From relaxing to invigorating, for deep cleansing or the pure indulgence of being pampered, facials and body wraps from around the world are available. With a team of Torontoís leading Clinical Aestheticians on staff, we can assess your individual needs and develop a program customized to your needs and goals. The newest and most effective advanced medical aesthetic treatments, facial peels and anti-aging treatments that are usually only available through an MD are performed in our beautiful and relaxing environment.

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Recent advances in medical aesthetics are impressive. We have done extensive research to bring you the best treatments for permanent or temporary hair removal, the fading of freckles, dark circles under the eyes and other skin pigmentations, cellulite reduction and skin-toning, reducing or removing unsightly scars and effectively fighting the signs of ageing.

Clinical Facial Treatments

Daily life is damaging to the surface of the skin. Weather, pollution, diet, ageÖ they all affect our skin. The following treatments use the latest medical discoveries to dramatically improve the skin. Usually reserved for use by medical doctors, our clinical aesthetician is uniquely qualified to advise on and apply these excellent treatments.

Glycolic Peel

The Glycolic Peel is a procedure that gently removes dead surface skin cells to reveal the fresh undamaged skin below. We recommend six 20-minute treatments 2-4 weeks apart.

Facial Peels

Facial Peels reduce the appearance of fine lines, smooth out the texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of brown spots. This treatment is also beneficial to those with acneprone or blemished skin. This 20-minute treatment is required every 2-4 weeks, and we recommend six treatments to maximise results.

Vitamin Vitality facial

Vitamin Vitality facial is especially useful for those with sun-damaged skin. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment restores the skinís elasticity while protecting it from further damage. This 60 minute treatment is required every 4-6 weeks. We recommend six treatments for best results.

Oxygenating Facial

The Oxygenating Facialís anti-oxidant therapy is excellent for the urban dweller. It rejuvenates skin damaged by toxins, pollutants, allergens, poor diet, smoking and aging. Also beneficial to those with acne-prone skin, we recommend six treatments of this 30-minute, once monthly facial.

Hydration Facial

Hydration Facial uses physician-prescribed products that are intensely moisturising to restore the skinís balance, while protecting against future moisture loss. Treatment should be repeated every 4-6 weeks. A beautiful radiant glow can be achieved after six treatments.

Anti-couperose Facial

The anti-couperose facial is excellent for those with delicate skin. This treatment strengthens the skinís natural defenses while soothing, moisturising and re-hydrating delicate skin. This hour-long treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

Acne-prone Facial

The Acne-prone facial is specially formulated for oily, acne-prone or blemished skin. Its deep pore-cleaning action gives a clear, bright, smooth complexion.

We also offer a wide range of Decleor Aromessence facials, as well as Decleor Aromassage body treatments

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