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Vitamins & Supplements

In the last 100 years, the way we produce food has changed more than it had in the 1000 years before that. Factory farming, genetic modification and engineering, intense mass production and highly processed foods, we have produced enormous quantities of food for a burgeoning population, but at a price.

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The price is nutrition. If it looks like a tomato and tastes like a tomato, does it have the nutrition of a tomato? Well sadly the answer is no. We try to eat well, buy organic when we can, but the truth of the matter is that on a nutritional level, malnutrition is rampant. We eat more calories than our ancestors with less nutritional value than their more meagre diets.

The air we breathe has pollutants, so do our rivers and lakes. These pollutants bio-accumulate in the ecosystem, concentrating at the top of the food chain Ė thatís us.

We are not trying to be alarmist, but in our view it is important that we all understand the situation, because proper nutrition is the best defence against illness and disease. And proper nutrition is not only possible, itís easy!

There are basically two connected tasks at hand:
Detoxification, which is process of eliminating harmful substances from our bodies, and supplementation, which is the process of getting the vitamins and minerals we need, but which are absent from the afore-mentioned tomato.


The toxins that we as a race have put into the environment enter the food chain, at the top of which sits us. We end up eating the toxins we threw into the rivers in the first place. Poetic justice? Perhaps, but we digress. These toxins, which are foreign to our bodies, build up in our tissues causing cancers, defects and other health problems. It is important that we remove these toxins from our bodies in order for us to lead full and healthy lives. There are many natural substances such as anti-oxidants that either remove or render inert these toxins, allowing us to purge the body of these illness-causing substances. The results are dramatic. Vitality and stamina return in droves, and as usual, what happens on the inside is reflected on the outside. Eyes, skin, the whole body reflects a newfound vitality that you forgot you have.


We have discussed how foods today are lacking in vitamins and minerals. But that is not the only thing our bodies lack. The intensive use of anti-biotics in our medicine also has an effect. Anti-biotics are non-specific. That means that they attack everything foreign in our bodies, including beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion and other bodily processes. This means that we need to re-populate our intestines with the bacteria they were designed to use. In addition, a proper regime of vitamins and minerals is needed to allow our digestive, immune and vascular systems to function properly. Many companies produce a staggering range of vitamins and supplements. However, many drug store brands contain minerals and vitamins that cannot be efficiently extracted and used by our bodies. All brands of vitamins are not created equal, and we only sell the very best body friendly allergen-free vitamins, mineral and nutritional supplements.

The accumulation of toxins and the lack of vital nutrients can have far reaching effects on our health and well-being. Symptoms such as frequent indigestion, bloating, fatigue, diarrhoea and constipation are common. More far reaching effects include compromised immune systems and a propensity to illness.

All chiropractors study nutrition as part of their medical training. Our chiropractor, Dr Jinnah, is a leading authority on nutritional supplementation and diet. She would be happy to consult with you on a customized vitamin and supplement plan to restore your bodyís optimal chemistry. Whether coupled with a diet plan, or as a stand-alone program, you will be amazed at how good you feel and look after restoring you body chemistry to its optimum operating level.

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