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my Chrysalis Medi-spa and Salon Services


Orthotics are custom made insoles for your shoes. At my Chrysalis, we use Gait Scan Analysis to get the most accurate measurement of your feet and gait. The weight of your body exerts constant pressure on your feet, which are often on hard surfaces such as concrete and pavement, and are rarely in the most anatomically correct footwear. Custom orthotics provide your feet with exactly the support they need through the metatarsals, arch and heels. And you can keep you favourite shoes - the orthotic is designed to fit inside all your footwear. Orthotics can instantly and dramatically reduce foot and leg fatigue and backache, improving stamina and posture.

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Our chiropractor is expert at fitting custom orthotics, the cost of which is covered by your extended health insurance plan. We even offer a full line of high quality, stylish custom-made orthopaedic shoes with the orthotics built right in: a fit customized to the exact contours of your foot. You won't believe how comfortable they are - and how much better you feel after a marathon day at the mall or a marathon walk around the golf course!

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